Student Teaching: The Influence of Your Pre-Student Teaching Experience

by Sarah Hess

In my education program you have three levels of field experience before your student teaching.  Each level is called a “block” and ideally the teacher you work with in block three is your mentor teacher for student teaching.

Last semester my mentor teacher and I had very different teaching styles and personalities. In short, we didn’t get along and had very different expectations for each other. We both did what we could to make the best of the situation, but the relationship ended on the rocky side.

This mismatched mentor/mentee relationship has left me a bit scarred. I’ve met my new mentor teacher (who I think is awesome) but I’m still worried things will turn south. Thinking about the start of my student teaching leaves my breath caught in my chest and my stomach uneasy.  I see many of my cohort members posting about the lesson plans they have done and all I can think is that I’m so very far behind.

This whole experience almost feels like a bad break-up and a broken heart. I’m hesitant to throw myself into this again when there is a chance that my work and thoughts may be rejected. Unfortunately, unlike in dating, I can’t just remove myself from the field or take time to build my confidence. My program will continue and student teaching will happen regardless of whether or not I feel I’m ready.  My promise to you, the reader, is to walk into that classroom with my head held high and my lessons inspired.


One thought on “Student Teaching: The Influence of Your Pre-Student Teaching Experience

  1. Sarah here!

    The first day was great and although I know my mentor teacher is going to be fantastic, I’m still apprehensive about my lesson writing. Thanks all!

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